My Top New Trader Joe’s Picks for the Spring


Gabi Eimbinder, Staff Writer

In my previous article, I listed my top ten favorite items from Trader Joe’s. While I still stand by my picks, I went back to that store to try some more items on my shopping list, including some new items for Spring. The next time you go to Trader’s, you must try these new items too:

  • Fancy Cheese Crunchies
    • These crunchies are my new go-to after school snack. Your first bite will be shocking. It’s crazy how pungent the truffle flavor is in each bite. If you are a truffle lover like me, you will adore these. These crunchies are a mix of truffle and parmesan, and are shaped like Cheetos. 
  • Chocolate Crepe Wafer Cookies
    • These may be the most airy cookies I have ever had. They’re so much fun to eat because they’re so flaky. They are like miniature, super-thin crepes. 
  • Cookies & Créme Pretzel Slims
    • Many people claim these are limited edition, so you must go to Trader Joe’s quickly because these pretzel slims are my new obsession! The perfect match— sweet and salty in one bite. If I could pick one thing on my list to buy, it would definitely be these. 
  • Dark Chocolate Bark
    • While they took a few months’ hiatus from stores, the bark is finally back! I have been waiting to try these, and the wait was definitely worth it. Just like the pretzel slims, they are sweet and salty, with almonds, pretzels, and sea salt—of Mr. Whitehead’s personal favorites too! 
  • Calabrian Chili Pasta Sauce
    • I know this one is random, but I now can’t eat my pasta without this sauce. It has a little kick, with chili pepper flakes mixed in, making it the perfect enhancement to a boring bowl of pasta. 
  • Sweetened Dried Orange Slices
    • I love dried fruit, especially mango, but these orange slices surprised me how delicious they are. These orange slices have their skin on them, which makes it feel weird to eat them, but they are the perfect sweetness. 
  • Peanut Butter Brookie
    • A mix of a peanut butter cookie and a brownie, what is not to love? I always make sure to buy the original Brookie, but this new combination is next level. 
  • Crunchy Chili Onion
    • I have heard so many good things about this one…so I had to try it. Chili Onion Crunch is a mix of olive oil with chili red pepper flakes and garlic. You can add this to anything to enhance the flavor, but my personal favorite is cooking my eggs in it. 
  • S’mores Clusters
    • These are limited edition so you need to run to Trader Joe’s now! Obviously, anything s’mores flavored is going to be good, but these are addicting! A cluster of marshmallows and graham crackers dipped in milk chocolate, the perfect dessert. I need to stock up on these before they sell out. 

These items are all a must try from Trader Joe’s. Soon, the store will be coming out with new items for summer. I am excited to see the items they bring back and their new creations. Once I try some good new items, I will report back with what you need to buy next!