Class and Student Organization Officers Elected for the 2023-2024 School Year


Liam Tenenbaum, Staff Writer

As the 2022-2023 school year reaches its late spring days, Tenafly High School students encounter the annual laundry list that comes with them— AP Exams, final exams, college recommendations, transcript finalizations, spring sports playoffs, and—most recently—student government elections. Each year, every grade, excluding the seniors, votes on student representatives for class office and student organization positions. The election results implement a fresh cabinet for the upcoming year, leading to a new hope for positive changes in the high school environment. 

Here are the results for the 2023-2024 school year, starting with the Student Organization: 

Student Organization President: Zachary Shammash (’24)

Congratulations Zach! You might know him from seeing him on the basketball court or painted bright yellow during the Olympics.

Student Organization Vice President: Chloe Lee (’24)

Chloe was the treasurer for the Class of ’24 last year, and is now bringing her contributions to the S.O. Congrats!

Student Organization Secretary: Juhee (Grace) Kim  (’25)

Our new Student Organization Secretary is Grace! Grace also represents the school on the lacrosse field. 

Student Organization Treasurer: Jordan Yanowitz (’25)

The treasurer for the 2022-2023 school year is Jordan! Jordan also plays on the school soccer team and is a member of The Echo.

Board of Education Representative: Lucia Martinez-Pelaez (’25)

Congratulations Lucia! Lucia also competes on the Track and Field team in the Long and Triple Jump events. 


Now, the newly elected Class Officers for the Class of ’24, who will be entering their final school year as student representatives. 

Senior Class President: Grace Chung (’24)

Congratulations to Grace, who has been the Class President for the Class of ’24 for every year of high school. 

Senior Class Vice President: Zoe Han (’24)

The vice president position for the seniors will be filled by Zoe. Zoe also competes on the Tennis and Track and Field teams. 

Senior Class Secretary: Sarah Fink (’24)

The position of secretary will be filled by Sarah, who was also one of the Teen PEP educators during her junior year.

Senior Class Treasurer: Lydia Jung (’24)

Congratulations to Lydia who is becoming a Senior Class Officer during her first year in student government. Great time to join!


Next, the new Class Officers for the Class of ’25, who all went unopposed in their elections.

Junior Class President: Liam Tenenbaum: (’25)

This will be Liam’s third year as Class President. He also competes on the Varsity Ski Team and will be captain of the team next year. 

Junior Class Vice President: Meredith Ho (’25)

The Vice President position will be filled by Meredith once more, who has represented her class for three years straight. She also writes for The Echo.

Junior Class Secretary: Sara Hau (’25)

Sara will once again fill the role of class secretary for her grade. You might have seen Sara on stage in the “Oklahoma!” performance. 

Junior Class Treasurer: Jocelyn Kim (’25)

Jocelyn will take on the role of treasurer again, her third year in the position. Jocelyn is also part of the school’s cheerleading team.


And lastly, the new Class Officers for the Class of ’26, who look forward to bringing change during their second year in the high school.

Sophomore Class President: JaeHa (Justin) Kim (’26)

Congratulations to Justin, who will be class president for the first time next year. Justin also runs track and writes for The Echo.

Sophomore Class Vice President: Calvin Du (’26)

Calvin is returning to the Vice President position for a second year. He also runs on the track team as well as the cross country team. 

Sophomore Class Secretary: Dayoung Ahn (’26)

The secretary position will once more be represented by Dayoung, who also plays in the school orchestra. 

Sophomore Class Treasurer: Davin Shin (’26)

For the first time, Davin will be treasurer for his class. He also plays on the school soccer team and writes for The Echo. Congrats!