The Death of School Fashion


Photo: Created on DALL-E

Maayan Matsliah, Staff Writer

As a sophomore at Tenafly High School, one of the things that I despise the most is having to wake up daily at 6:30 AM to get ready for school. There’s just so much I have to get done every morning; whether it’s finishing homework for my upcoming classes or hopelessly trying to detangle the rats nest that has become of my hair, I often get caught up in my own little world, and before I know it, it’s time to leave the house. Somehow, my obsession with choosing the perfect outfit for school every day has deteriorated since early September, and when faced with the option of racking my brain for outfit ideas or getting those ten extra minutes of sleep, I often choose the latter. 

Building up the courage to stop myself from hitting the ‘snooze’ button for the millionth time every morning and forcing myself to actually roll out of bed to face the eight-hour school day ahead of me is already so hard as it is, so why complicate matters with the task of having to come up with an outfit? Seeing as my brain only starts working at the ripe hour of 9:00 AM, well into first period and after already drinking my first or second cup of coffee, quite frankly, I don’t see the problem with wearing a pair of plaid pajama pants and an oversized T-Shirt that I found during one of my shopping sprees in my dad’s closet. After all, isn’t the Adam Sandler style making a comeback? If you really think about it, I’m making a fashion statement; this is not just me being lazy. Seriously, people.

Although the death stare that my mom gives me each morning when she sees me wearing what she calls a ‘potato sack of an outfit’ is pretty terrifying, nothing beats the feeling of sitting in class and not having to stress out about whether my shoes match my shirt and if it really is time for me to start wearing belts with my jeans. Besides, spotting a high schooler during this day and age not wearing a pair of sweats or an oversized t-shirt that looks like it came straight out of an advertisement for goodwill is a pretty hard task, so why should I dress any differently? While I commend the few teenagers who plan out their outfit for school the night before, I’m more than satisfied with the extra minutes I save every morning by repeating the same outfit, even if that time is spent lying in bed, scolding myself for going to sleep at 2:00 AM the night before. 

P.S. Sorry, Mom, I like dressing like a potato sack.