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THS Club Fair: Where It All Begins

What better way to explore your interests and meet new people than through joining clubs? Last Thursday, Tenafly High School hosted its 41st annual Club Fair. During this eagerly anticipated event, school hallways were buzzing with excitement about the incredible array of clubs waiting to be discovered, offering students the chance to explore their passions, develop new skills, and make a meaningful impact on the THS community.

Students from any grade can pitch a club; all they need is a constitution outlining the rules, purpose, and meeting information. Every month, the THS Student Organization (SO)—led by Zach Shammash, Chloe Lee, Grace Kim, Jordan Yanowitz, Ayla Uram, and Lucia Martinez-Pelaez—meets to listen to pitches for new club proposals. Afterwards, SO representatives from each grade discuss and deliberate on whether or not the club should pass. 

One of the most exciting aspects of the Club Fair is the introduction of brand-new clubs that have been passed by the Student Organization. Just this past month, 10 new clubs have passed. In case you didn’t get the chance to visit some of these new or old clubs at the club fair, take a closer look at some clubs that are part of the THS family this year!

Unified Champion Club

The United Champions Club, or UCC, was founded by Anna Buchanan and has an amazing advisor, Mme. Williams. UCC is under Special Olympics, an organization that provides sport training and athletic competition for children and adults with intellectual disabilities. Buchanan expressed that “UCC’s mission is to promote inclusion in the Tenafly community by organizing game days and volunteering at various Special Olympic events.” The club meets on B-days during lunch and is open to anyone who is interested. 




Medical Students of the Future 

Are you interested in becoming a doctor, nurse, or researcher? Or, maybe you just want to learn about healthcare? Well, Medical Students of the Future is the perfect opportunity for you to explore this interest! MSF was revived by Kavya Chettur and is advised by Mr. Devereaux, a new biology teacher at THS. This club helps students interested in the medical field gain valuable insights and experiences into the world of medicine by participating in workshops, conferences, and competitions hosted by HOSA, or Health Occupation Students of America, and inviting guest speakers to speak about their careers in medicine. This club meets every E day during lunch in room 146, and is open to anyone interested in medicine!



Mock Trial Club 

For future lawyers, the Mock Trial club, revived by Farrah Israel and Wonhee Cho, meets every other Wednesday with wonderful Ms. Griffin as the advisor. The main focus of the club’s activities is to participate in virtual competitions hosted by International Mock Trial and Mock On. Israel, co-president, explained in detail: “International mock trial is like it sounds—virtual mock trial with people from around the world. Mock on is a virtual mock trial with people from around the country.” Not only do they plan to prepare for the competition during club meetings, they plan on having many guest speakers such as lawyers, professors, and judges.




KxT (Kpop x Tigers)

Teresa Corallo

Are you interested in Kpop, dancing, or earning volunteer hours? KxT is a Kpop dance club that enters dance contests and teaches elementary and middle school children how to dance. The club plans to meet every A-day in the Green Room to learn new choreography. Olivia Kee, Co-President of the KxT club, is looking forward to seeing new faces in their first meeting. “You don’t need to be interested in K-pop,” she said. “If you love dancing, come out!” 





Busking Club

You might have already seen this next club in action, singing popular hits in the gym during the last few days of school in June; the Busking Club, founded by Seihyun Lee, is open to anyone, and everyone, regardless of singing abilities. The word busking itself means performing in the street, and this club hopes to bring positive energy to the community by providing a place where musicians in our school can perform music for others in the midst of daily life. Whether you’re interested in performing songs with your friends or simply listening to their musical talent, you should keep an eye out for Busking Club! Watch its trial run from last year: 



Whether you’re interested in pursuing a career in medicine, helping children or adults with intellectual disabilities, participating in mock trials, dancing, or singing and chilling with friends, Tenafly High School offers various clubs that anyone and everyone can join. Personally, our favorite part of school is joining clubs at the Club Fair because I can meet new people, become involved with the THS and Tenafly community, and just have fun. So, what new clubs did you join at the Club Fair?

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