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Food for Thought: THS Teachers’ Restaurant Recommendations

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Who said teachers only thrive on coffee and apples? While those two staples certainly have their place in the world of education, there’s a secret life teachers lead once the final school bell rings—a life filled with appetizing escapades. The educators at Tenafly High School boast some of the most seasoned culinary palates around, and in this mouthwatering article, get ready to uncover some of their most delicious secrets. It’s time to explore the top restaurant recommendations from our very own THS teachers! Class is in session, and today’s lesson is all about where to grab a delectable bite on your next night out!

If you want to explore the realm of ramen, or you’re already a passionate fan of the tasty noodles, beloved psychology teacher Mr. Nyfenger enthusiastically recommends Blackbeard Ramen in Cliffside Park, New Jersey. He suggests ordering the Green Curry Ramen with Pork, which he describes as “amazing.” He wouldn’t advise that you come here if you’re seeking a vibrant atmosphere because Blackbeard Ramen is truly all business. They seat you, you get your ramen, you feast, and then you get out. In a whole other league of cuisine, if you’re craving a classic margherita pizza, Mr. Nyfenger points you to Brooklyn Pizza in Hackensack. “It’s made in a brick oven, it comes out, and it’s simply the best,” he said, reminiscing about the perfect slice of pie. Brooklyn Pizza also comes in handy if you’re aiming to impress a potential date. “Brooklyn Pizza is right to the point and a nice spot for a date, although it’s not overly fancy,” Nyfenger said.

Next up on the menu is Bergen County’s very own 2023-2024 Teacher of the Year and English teacher, Mr. Whitehead. If you’re a sushi lover, Mr. Whitehead recommends Okinami in Norwood, NJ. Okinami is a particularly unique sushi restaurant. “It is omakase-style sushi, and the chefs were all trained at high-end sushi restaurants in New York using a 300-year-old Tokyo method of preserving fish,” Whitehead said. “It is unlike any other sushi place I’ve ever been to, and I think it’s phenomenal.” Mr. Whitehead suggests trying the sushi set, which includes eight pieces of omakase sushi (meaning the chef selects the pieces for you so there’s an element of surprise), soup, and a salad. Another dish to consider ordering is the delectable Pork Gyoza. If Okinami isn’t for you, don’t look too far, because the next restaurant recommendation is right down the street! “Verana in Norwood is hands down the best Italian food around,” Mr. Whitehead said, praising their delicious menu. “They make their homemade pasta on-site,” he added. If you know Mr. Whitehead, you know his fondness for mushrooms, so, of course, he had to recommend the Cappelletti Al Funghi Dish—a pillowy pasta filled with braised mushrooms, drenched in a mushroom truffle sauce. Definitely take a trip down to Norwood next time your stomach starts rumbling!

If you’re searching for a local dining experience, look no further than esteemed Chemistry teacher Mrs. Subramaniams’s favorite restaurant: Veda. Located right here in the nooks of Tenafly, Veda offers affordable contemporary Indian cuisine. “I recommend the Deep-Fried Greek Yogurt Balls or the Stuffed Explant Gravy,” Subramaniam said. If you’re feeling adventurous, don’t miss their homemade betel leaf authentic Indian-style ice cream that is infused with paan for a unique dessert. Beyond the enticing dishes, the most memorable aspect of the Veda experience is their welcoming and warm atmosphere. “They invite you in with a shot glass of the soup of the day, which is a very kind gesture,” Subramanian explained. 

Last but certainly not least, our widely-known history teacher Mr. Hegarty has a few restaurant recommendations of his own. “Head to Osteria Crescendo in Westwood, New Jersey, and order the Pork Chops,” Hegarty said. This restaurant brings the authentic Italian experience to life right here in New Jersey. Reflecting his evident love for meat, he also suggests a visit to Finks Barbeque in Suffern, New York. They are celebrated for their wide variety of cheesesteaks, salads, and pit-smoked meats. But the one dish Mr. Hegarty earnestly advocates for is their beef rib. While these recommendations may not be particularly suited to vegetarians, these restaurants are undoubtedly a must-try.

The next time you decide to dine out, let this article be your guide! And if you happen to spot one of your favorite teachers during your culinary adventure, don’t forget to say hello!

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