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My Experience at Boston College

David Shin

Looking at downtown Boston, I sensed the fusion of time-worn cobblestone streets steeped in history and the electric glow of neon signs illuminating the vibrant cityscape. With my breath sending out miniature clouds in the frigid air, I turned around to see the prominent Gasson Hall Clock Tower of Boston College. 

The Boston University Seal. Photo: David Shin

As a junior at Tenafly High School, I found college tours to be a great way to see what colleges fit me the best. During this year’s Teachers Convention weekend, I decided to go to Bean Town to tour Boston College and find out more about the school. The school is nestled in the heart of Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts, and offers a distinctive and enriching academic experience that blends a rigorous curriculum with a vibrant campus life. Stepping onto campus, I was greeted by the Gothic architecture that blends nicely with the autumnal hues, giving the vibes of a welcoming school. I was eager to start my tour of this prestigious institution.

My journey began at the admission office, where I was greeted by the student officer and the admission officers for New Jersey, New York, and Massachusetts. The air buzzed with excitement as students and families, mainly from New Jersey, bustled around. The introduction started with an admission officer explaining the basics: the necessary GPA, SAT/ACT scores, recommendation letters, and the extracurriculars they expect. As a student who is interested in the biological sciences, I was pleased to see that they offered a lot of different resources from biochemistry to environmental science. The students of Boston College began to talk about themselves, and I was also pleased to hear that they had their school newspaper known as The Heights, which provides the students of Boston College with news about campus developments and issues. 

Led by the engaging student guide, the tour began. I was in awe of Gasson Hall, an architectural masterpiece that stood proudly at the center, symbolizing the institution’s rich history. According to Logic Prep, Gasson Hall is the third-most “Instagrammed” college building in the country. My guide mostly talked about her experience during her freshman year and how the housing works in this institution. 

Gasson Hall. Photo: David Shin

Next, I headed towards O’Neill Library, a library well known for its vast sea of books and hundreds of stressed students studying for an upcoming exam. The libraries held a large collection of resources, offering an inviting space for students to study. As I ascended to the top floors, the rooms became quieter and quieter. The top floor of this building is made for only quiet studying, and I was not allowed to enter unless I had permission from the staff. The classrooms were equipped with everything from printers to supercomputers, which help expand student’s minds and increase their experience in their future jobs. Afterward, I stopped by one of the many cafeterias on campus, the Chocolate Bar. Our guide explained how this cafeteria had been here for a long time and most of the money that is made from this place is used to fund the school and the building nearby. I continued into the dormitories, where I gained an insight into the residential life at Boston College. Each room was unique, with personal touches that reflected the individuality of each student. The common areas were filled with activity, from students chatting to others stressing over exams. It was clear to me that this college was dedicated to fostering new friendships through student dorms. 

As I set foot on the grounds of Boston College, my expectations were moderate. Yet, I found myself enjoying the location of the campus and the various classes I could take. The quiet library, the distinctive dormitories, and the strategic location—each aspect contributed to an experience that left great expectations for this college. The glimpse into the academic life and the immersive campus environment makes me excited for the next step of education. What started as just a trip to Boston became a memorable college-tour experience. I recommend others also go on college tours, not only in Boston but in other cities around the world. 


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