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The Era of Night Trains


Dark starry nights with mountains and plains flicker past the window, coming and going quickly to match the steady speed of the train. Silence fills each car as passengers retire to long-awaited sleep with a sentiment of peace, silence, and the never ending drum of adventure. Soft, comfortable beds allow the journey to go by quickly, lulling passengers to sleep to prepare them for  a fresh day in a new place. These are descriptions of what happens on a night train. Sounds like the perfect way to travel, right? This is exactly what attracted many before the renaissance to these night trains. These trains have been fantasized about and referred to in many works of art, including Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie and “Champagne Problems” by Taylor Swift. Many were attracted to these trains in the past because of the adventure and efficiency they offer. It’s not surprising, then, that night night trains have recently resurged as a desired way of transport.

Night trains, the equivalent to a red-eye for a plane, have started to attract more attention as environmental concerns rise. This mode of transportation is a better alternative to short- or medium-length flights, as they leave a smaller carbon footprint on the world. Many have also found these trains to be more convenient than waking up for early-morning flights and arriving sleepy-eyed after a tumultuous day of traveling. Night trains allow passengers to leave in the early-evening, get a full night’s rest, and wake up in their desired location well-rested and ready for a new day. 

In the past, night trains, while popular among the rich, were not popular among commoners, as their fare prices increased with busier lines, had numerous delays, and were expensive and labor-intensive to construct. These factors led to a less comfortable experience, and these trains quickly declined as the novelty wore off, replaced with frustrated passengers. 

Now, these trains may become the next big thing, as they are gaining worldwide attention, with new startups investing to become part of this movement. The goal for many startups is to engineer plans starring numerous accommodations that would continue to put night trains on the map. In Europe, many of these startups are trying to enter the market, but only few have been successful through the heavy competition.

This coming December, one of these night trains, known as “Nightjet,” will launch, offering comfortable sleeper cabins known as “pods.” These pods will also come with a private shower and toilet, set at affordable prices. The network for these tracks have also been extended and restored, increasing the areas that the train can access.

“The new trains are very classy indeed,” Mark Smith, a rail travel expert, said on CNN.

This has been no small feat. The tireless effort to get these trains running should not be overlooked, with engineers having to design functional railways while creating the train model that could efficiently transport passengers safely. Nevertheless, as with the recent increase of night train activity, it has been proven that, although hard, it is not impossible to make a comfortable travel system prevalent in today’s society.

While these trains have been gaining momentum in Europe, their influence is starting to spread to the US and other countries as well. Perhaps in the future, night trains will become the dominant mode of transportation.

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