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THS Teachers’ TV Show Recommendations


It is the midst of a chilly fall afternoon. You are curled up on your sofa with a large bowl of buttery popcorn and the TV’s remote in your hand, ready to go. Suddenly, one question comes to mind: Which TV show should I watch? Do you have the urge to watch comedies, dramas, mysteries, or other shows? Maybe your teacher can help. Below are the top-choice TV shows of five THS teachers.

In the mood for a relaxing show? Then engage in the show recommended by AP Psychology teacher Mr. Nyfenger, whose favorite sitcom show is a classic: The Office. The Office is a documentary-like fictional show that reveals the daily work lives of a group of employees that work at the office for the company Dunder Mifflin Paper Company located in Scranton, Pennsylvania. To prove that watching The Office is worth it, Mr. Nyfenger has provided his essential opinions on this topic. He agrees that not only does the show’s documentary-style contribute to its humorous reputation, but it causes the characters to become “maybe a bit more relatable. The jokes were funnier because they felt real,” he said. Nyfenger enjoys laughing at his favorite show whenever he feels the urge to let go and relax. However, if you are interested in a more complex and dramatic series, he recommends his two other favorite TV shows: Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad. If you decide to watch any of these three shows, The Office can be found on Peacock, Game of Thrones can be watched on Max, Hulu, Apple TV, and Amazon Prime, and Breaking Bad can be accessed on Netflix, Apple TV, Amazon Prime, and other networks.

Our beloved orchestra and choir teacher, Mr. Millar, is more intrigued in an Italian crime drama called Inspector Montalbano, which illustrates the thrilling crime investigations that the inspectors, Montalbano and Fazio, along with their deputy, Aguello, try to solve in Sicily, Italy. This show engages Mr. Millar because “it has a human element to it that I like.” He watches this show whenever he has the spare time, which is not very often. The show can be found on MHz, which, according to Mr Millar, you can subscribe to through Amazon Prime.

THS’s French language teacher Madame Williams has her own selection of preferred French TV shows. She has recently watched the new episodes of the French show on Netflix called Lupin. Lupin is about a male thief, Arsène Lupin, who seeks to avenge his father after a wealthy family committed unfair actions on him. This show is one of her favorites because “it is exciting and an adventure,” Williams said. She also enjoys learning about the main character and the others speaking French slang, which creates an opportunity for her to practice her French. She has also recently started watching In the Dark, which she has found very fascinating because it is about a blind girl who has been helping solve murder mysteries. This show can also be found on Netflix.

Meanwhile, the favorite TV show of one of THS’s Spanish language teachers, Señora Kim, is any show from the classic Law and Order series. Not only is this show entertaining but key information is given about the criminal justice system of the United States. As this series is divided into two parts, the first portion of the series concentrates on the police’s investigation process of the crime, and the second  fixates on the ways suspects are prosecuted in court. Kim is entertained by this series because she enjoys “the suspense and the drama, especially when there are unexpected twists and turns in the story.” She also stated that one of the reasons why this show is so intriguing is because it portrays the motives and the psychological perspective of the offender. Furthermore, Señora Kim enjoys watching this show during her free time. Law and Order can be found on networks such as Peacock, Apple TV, and Amazon Prime.

Lastly, Mr. Whitehead, THS’s Bergen County Teacher of the Year, has enjoyed various series but has recently been entertained by the shows Succession and Yellowstone. Succession is about an incredibly wealthy family, the Roys. Among the family, constant chaos occurs as they try to gain control of their global media and entertainment corporation. Despite how horrible it may sound, these features are what makes Succession such a successful and amusing series. Mr. Whitehead is fond of this show because he appreciates the “dark humor, the acting, and the setting of the lavish places where the Roy family travels to in each episode.” Yellowstone, on the other hand, appears in a western setting in Montana, where conflicts are dealt with among a family of ranchers, the Duttons. Despite all of the murder mysteries, operating alliances, and the battles fought to be respected, their ranch has conflicts throughout its borders. “I’m a sucker for a Western and I’ve always fantasized about living in Montana,” Whitehead said. “The acting on this series is also quite good, especially Kevin Coster’s role as the patriarch of the family.”  He has also recently started watching The Morning Show and Lessons in Chemistry, which he has enjoyed so far in his one hour of television in the evenings. These shows can be accessed on Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and other networks.

As you are seated on your sofa with your bowl of warm and delicious popcorn, with your hand on the remote control, there will be no more boring questions about what to watch next. Instead, you can turn on the TV and watch a show from this incredible selection of series recommended right from your beloved THS teachers.

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