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154 Gift Ideas


With the holiday season quickly approaching, you may find yourself scrambling to get gifts for your loved ones. Or, maybe you need to get something for a birthday, anniversary, or momentous celebration. From matching jewelry to a movie projector, here’s a list to help you with the age-old question: What gifts should I buy my loved one?


Things You Can Wear:

  1. Jewelry (Maybe even matching jewelry to share!)
  2. Uggs/slippers
  3. Hats
  4. Scarves 
  5. Socks 
  6. Oversized minimalistic hoodies (They’re all the rage right now!)
  7. Tote bags
  8. Trending Uniqlo bag (Perfect for traveling!)
  9. Baseball caps
  10. Sunglasses
  11. Athletic wear
  12. PJs
  13. Graphic t-shirts
  14. Matching set of clothing
  15. Leg warmers
  16. Sports jerseys
  17. Robes (for ultimate comfort)
  18. Fanny pack
  19. Sneakers
  20. Crocs 
  21.  Puffer jacket
  22. Varsity jacket
  23. Vests
  24. Gloves/mittens

Beauty/Self-Care Products:

  1. Makeup
  2. Skincare 
  3. Teeth whitening kit
  4. Hair care
  5. Nail polish
  6. Fragrances (such as Sol de Janeiro)
  7. Cosmetics/toiletry bag
  8. Travel containers
  9. Hair clips
  10. Headbands
  11. Rubber bands/scrunchies
  12. Hair styling tools (air wrap, hair dryer, straightening iron to name a few)
  13. Gua sha/face roller
  14. Hairbrush
  15. Bows/ribbons
  16. Razor
  17. Mini macaron gel light
  18. Body scrubs
  19. Exfoliating brush
  20. Bath bombs
  21. Bath salts

Room Decor:

  1. Movie Projector
  2. Mirror
  3. Ambient light/lamp
  4. Jewelry dishes/box/rack
  5. Posters/prints (of favorite artists, albums, celebrities, interests, etc.)
  6. Blanket
  7. Candles (from floral scents to holiday scents, there are many to choose from)
  8. Letterboard
  9. Plants/flowers
  10. Desk organizer
  11. LED lights 
  12. Magnets
  13. Organization bins
  14. Clothing hangers
  15. Aroma diffuser
  16. Device charging station
  17. Mini fridge (for midnight snacks!)
  18. Lounge chair
  19. Bed pillow
  20. Mini fans
  21. Alexa/Google Home
  22. Table Zen Garden 
  23. Bed tray (for productivity in bed)

Items Related to Food/Beverages: 

  1. Candy (for the friend with a sweet tooth)
  2. Coffee blend
  3. Coffee machine
  4. Matcha powder
  5. Ice cream maker
  6. Smoothie blender
  7. Chef hats
  8. Oven gloves
  9. Cookie cutters
  10. Boxed baked goods mix (you could make them together)
  11. Hot cocoa mix
  12. Fresh Fruit Edible Arrangements
  13. Electric whisk for drinks
  14. Ice trays (shapes can vary from flowers to characters)

Items For Everyday Use:

  1. Water bottles/tumblers (such as the popular Stanley, Hydroflask, Owala, or Yeti)
  2. Protein drink shaker
  3. Records/vinyls
  4. Record player
  5. Calendar (for the new year)
  6. Headphones/earbuds
  7. Mugs (customized mugs are extra thoughtful!)
  8. Decorative plates
  9. Phone case
  10. Metal straws
  11. Speakers
  12. Wallet
  13. Coasters
  14. Portable charger
  15. Yoga mat
  16. ID holder
  17. Hand sanitizer (such as the trendy Touchland hand sanitizer)
  18. Gym bag (perfect for a workout or sports practice)
  19. Air pod/earbud case
  20. Sleeping mask


  1. Lunch box
  2. Backpack
  3. Laptop sleeves
  4. Pencil case
  5. Notebook/journal/planner (great for organizing daily tasks!)
  6. Pens/pencils
  7. Mousepad
  8. Markers/highlighters 
  9. Whiteboard
  10. Chalkboard

Homemade Gifts:

  1. Handwritten letter
  2. Picture frame/sentimental pictures
  3. Cute handwritten card
  4. Jar of notes
  5. Crocheted items (a stuffed animal, clothing item, etc.)
  6. Gift baskets (filled with items you think your loved one would love!)
  7. Baked goods
  8. Bouquet of flowers

Toys & Games:

  1. Legos (they even make customized ones)
  2. Funko Pop figurines
  3. Board games/card games
  4. Sonny Angels
  5. Jellycats
  6. Fidget toys
  7. Puzzles
  8. Squishmallow
  9. Squishy
  10. Build-a-Bear
  11. Wii switch

Miscellaneous Things: 

  1. Gift cards
  2. Books
  3. Digital/disposable/polaroid cameras (perfect to capture meaningful moments)
  4. Patches
  5. Stickers
  6. Pins
  7. Key chains
  8. Magazines
  9. Autographed merchandise
  10. Merchandise from a favorite musician
  11. Paint set
  12. Paint brushes
  13. Sketchbook
  14. Colored pencils/crayons
  15. Temporary tattoos
  16. Skateboard
  17. Ukulele 
  18. Drone
  19. GoPro
  20. Weights
  21. Picnic basket
  22. 3-D printer
  23. Massage gun


Overall, the cost of your gift doesn’t signify the care you have for your loved ones. In the season of giving, it is the thought that matters the most. 


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