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An Inside Look At Tenafly’s Forgotten Historical Sights

The Elizabeth Cady Stanton House
The Elizabeth Cady Stanton House

First incorporated in 1894, Tenafly is best known for its green spaces, great schools, restaurants, and shops. But Tenafly has an extensive history that most people might be surprised to learn about. For anyone interested in learning more about Tenafly’s historical places, here are three places to get you started:

Elizabeth Cady Stanton House

“The center of the rebellion,” as Elizabeth Cady Stanton referred to it, this historic home is also known as the famous Stanton House. Stanton, originally from New York, stayed in this beautiful house from 1847 to 1862, according to the National Park Service. For anyone who would like to visit this settlement, it’s located at 144 Highwood Avenue.

Stanton was born on November 2, 1815, in Johnstown, New York. Elizabeth Cady Stanton was a writer and women’s rights activist for most of her career. “Stanton made her dramatic attempt to vote at the Valley Hotel in 1880 but was denied,” according to Images of Modern America Tenafly. Furthermore, Stanton was the individual to write the draft of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution, which eventually gave women the right to vote. 

The Cotswold Mansion

This beautiful, historic house is located at 1 Byrne Lane. This 1925 mansion was built by architect Herbert Copell. This estate is particularly exceptional for its twentieth-century period English medieval style. “This celebrated building displays high-quality materials, craftsmanship, and numerous notable architectural details,” as stated by Treeco.

The Cotswold Mansion (Roda Carter)

This house is singularly special not only because of its appealing appearance but also because the great army major Glenn Miller lived in it during the 1940s. Miller was known as one of the most triumphant conductors who lived during the twentieth century. Unfortunately, this house was also where Mrs. Miller heard the news that her husband died due to a plane accident at the age of forty.

Tenafly Railroad Station, Town Center

Anyone who lives in Tenafly has heard of and seen Tenafly’s old train station at the center of town, yet many people don’t know the real history behind it. The train station was first built in 1874. Back in those days, getting to New York took two hours or more by horse, but the train was a solution to many of those problems. Daniel T. Atwood, an architect from New York, built the train.

Tenafly Train Station

With the new faster transportation system came more advantages to Tenafly. After “land speculators realized the region’s potential,” according to The Press Group, “The man of the house could now commute to New York City by day, while his family could live far from the hustle and bustle, where the water and air were clean…[and] The price of land increased exponentially.

Now the train station doesn’t operate; however, where the station was before now lies a great, Mediterranean restaurant called Cafe Angelique. To add to that, people are thinking of making the train tracks into a long walkway surrounded by shops, where people can walk and bike. However, nothing has happened concerning the subject yet.

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