Tenafly Resident, Age 86, Crashes into 7-Eleven


Accident at 7-Eleven

Serenity Cray, Staff Writer

Exterior Image of 7-Eleven Store Photographed by Soojian Brothers Construction

On Sunday, October 29, an 86-year-old Tenafly woman crashed into the 7-Eleven at the corner of Jay Street and County Road. The accident happened at 8:27 a.m. The crash occurred when the resident was pulling her white Toyota Avalon into a parking spot and overaccelerated.

Interior Damage by the White Toyota Avalon

Following the crash, three officers from the Tenafly Police Department arrived on the scene. “She was taken to the hospital with some minor injuries,” said Tenafly Police Department Captain Michael deMoncada. The driver was conscious at the site of the accident and was quickly rushed to the hospital, deMoncada said. The investigation is still ongoing. At this time the official report photos are yet to be released and the Tenafly Police Department does not have any surveillance footage of the accident.

The 7-Eleven convenience store suffered some damage, with the glass front entrance completely demolished and the front check-out counter banged up, but no one inside the store was seriously injured, according to deMoncada. In spite of the damage, the small convenience store was determine to get up and running again. A clerk at the store, who asked to remain anonymous, explained that the establishment hired a crew in the morning to make a temporary fix. The construction workers were finished just four hours later.

Currently, the store is running smoothly and everyone involved in the accident remains healthy and safe.