Lifestyle ~ This Week: 5 Habits That Will Help You Get Smarter


Julia Smolyak, Varya Kluev, and

What is it this time? A bad grade on a test? A forgotten homework assignment? We’ve all had days where we felt a little behind in terms of our brain capacity. Yet, there are ways to improve your concentration and productivity levels. Although you can never just magically become a genius overnight, there are ways that you can improve your intelligence.

Throw away your cell phone. Sometimes, it might not occur to us just how much time we spend every day on our smartphones. With constant updates and social media, a lot of our attention is wasted on useless matters. Try spending less time with your phone. Start from when you’re doing homework or any other educational activity. Put it away when you’re with family. Little by little, you may see your concentration improve, as well as your brain power.

Refrain from watching Netflix. Yes, this may seem like a long shot, but by decreasing the time you spend watching Netflix or TV in general, you may notice that you will have a greater surplus of time to use for more important activities that can improve you and your well-being. Furthermore, studies have shown that watching TV can decrease intelligence. As the Scientific American stated, “Testing confirmed that verbal IQ scores, which measure vocabulary and language skills, fell in proportion to the hours of TV the children watched.” Rather than mindlessly watching a TV series, you can watch educational videos or read a book. Constantly immerse yourself in information and expand your knowledge.

Constantly work out your brain. Like exercising your muscles, your brain needs a workout too. So instead of leg day, do a brain day! Constantly keep your brain alert and functioning through these easy things you can do wherever you are. In class, pay attention. Absorb new information, not just blindly sit through the period. Try quizzing yourself on various subjects. Start up new and exciting conversations. Be confident and always ready to learn more. It will eventually not only be a thing you do as practice but will develop into everyday life, making you more intelligent.

Stay organized. You’ve probably heard this one a million times, but there’s a reason. Organization can lead to a variety of benefits. By staying organized, you can save time, reduce your stress, and increase your productivity. Trying to find your notes or important documents can cause stress and waste precious time you can be using for more beneficial activities. An organized desk means an organized mind. Start leaving yourself reminders, whether in your planner or in your phone. Make to-do lists. It may seem redundant, but it will pay off.

Read! Whenever you have spare time, instead of going on social media, read! Reading is essential for your brain. Whether it’s long novels or current event articles, reading keeps your brain alert, and keeps you on top of things. It can expand your mind, and inspire new ideas or projects. Reading also will benefit you in the long run. As said in the Huffington Post, “Those who engaged in mentally stimulating activities, such as reading, earlier and later on in life experienced slower memory decline compared to those who didn’t.” Not only will reading keep you sharp, but it will also bring positive long lasting effects on your brain.

Always give 110 percent! Most importantly, you have to stay motivated. Without the right attitude, it will be much harder to accomplish various tasks. Always try your best and never give up. But careful, don’t forget—overworking yourself can be harmful. Like stated previously, you need to treat your brain like other parts of your body; if it is sore, you must take a break. Sometimes, you have to give it a rest!