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Meet the Faces of Leadership: Tenafly High School’s Class and Student Organization Officers for 2024-2025


As Tenafly High School is almost in the home stretch of the school year, the annual Class Office and Student Organization elections were held on April 29. Candidates of each grade running for Class Office delivered speeches to their respective grade levels, the freshman class taking the new gym, the sophomores being in the main gym, the juniors in the cafeteria, and the seniors presenting in the auditorium. In addition, the candidates for Student Organization went around the designated areas to present their speeches to the entire student body and everyone was able to vote for the Student Organization leadership positions.

The role of maintaining school spirit and togetherness has always been a key factor regarding leadership in Tenafly High School. The following students are an example of these key qualities, starting with the Student Organization:

Student Organization President: Grace (Juhee) Kim (’25)

As the S.O. President of the 2024-2025 school year, Juhee is super excited about the three pep rallies we will have next year. In her free time, she loves going to the city, playing lacrosse, playing guitar, and going on late-night car drives.

Student Organization Vice President: Johnny O’Connor (’25)

Congrats, Johnny! He will be next year’s SO vice president. He is also the president of the THS PAW Club and runs varsity track. You may also find him at Kings in Cresskill, where he works as a cashier. 

Student Organization Treasurer: Tony Yoo (’25)

Tony will be the Student Organization’s Treasurer for the 2024-2025 school year. In his free time, he enjoys watching movies and jumping at the track. Congratulations, Tony!

Student Organization Secretary: Olivia Kee (’25)

Olivia will be the Student Organization Secretary for the 2024-2025 school year. Congratulations!

Junior Board of Ed. Rep: Erica Lee (’26)

Next year’s Junior Board of Education Representative is Erica! She loves working on random craft projects, baking, playing lacrosse, and spending time with her friends and family.


These are the results for the elected Class Officers for the Class of ’25, who look forward to showcasing a fantastic final year:

Senior Class President: Liam Tenenbaum (’25)

Congratulations, Liam! Liam will be continuing to hold the role of Class President for the fourth consecutive year. He is also the Co-Editor-in-Chief of The Echo and on the Varsity Debate Team.

Senior Class Vice President: Meredith Ho (’25)

Meredith will continue to serve as the Vice President of her grade for the fourth time. In her free time, she enjoys playing the piano and guitar.

Senior Class Treasurer: Jocelyn Kim (’25)

Jocelyn will take on the role of Treasurer again, her fourth year in this position. Jocelyn also engages in various schoolwide activities.

Senior Class Secretary: Sara Hau (’25)

Sara will once again fill the role of secretary for her grade. In addition, she also participates in the school drama program. Congratulations!


These are the Class Officers for the Class of ’26 who are ready for another year at THS:

Junior Class President: JaeHa (Justin) Kim (’26)

Congratulations to Justin, who will be Class President for the second time. Justin also runs track and is a Senior Staff Writer for The Echo. 

Junior Class Vice President: Kenneth Shi (’26)

Kenneth Shi will be filling the role of Vice President for the junior class. Congratulations, Kenneth!

Junior Class Treasurer: Davin Shin (’26)

Davin is returning to the Treasurer position for a second year. He plays in the school soccer team and is a Senior Staff Writer for The Echo.

Junior Class Secretary: Dayoung Ahn (’26)

The secretary position will once more be represented by Dayoung. She is excited to represent the Junior Class as Secretary.


And last but certainly not least, presenting the Class Officers for the Class of ’27:

Sophomore Class President: Mia Bareket (’27)

2024~2025 Sophomore Class President is to be Mia Bareket! You may see her on the volleyball courts or showing off her school spirit covered in blue during the THS Olympics.

Sophomore Class Vice President: Brooke Neuman (’27)

This is Brooke’s first year as Class Vice President! Brooke is also a competitive dancer, and loves to talk to her peers. Congratulations to Brooke!

Sophomore Class Treasurer: Alexander Manalang (’27)

Alex, the new Sophomore Class Treasurer, plays on the school basketball team and it is his first year in the student government.

Sophomore Class Secretary: Emily Hobaichan (’27)

This will be Emily’s second year as Class Secretary. You might also see her cheering on the sidelines of school football and basketball games, or even catching balls on the Varsity Softball Team.


As our newly elected Class and Student Organization Officers gear up for an unforgettable year at THS, excitement fills the air for what lies ahead. To all those who’ve been chosen to lead the charge for the 2024-2025 school year, congratulations once again. Let’s fill the upcoming year with fun, elation, and growth!

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