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Met Gala 2024: Garden of Time or Garden of Disaster?

Image by Evening Standard

This past Monday was the biggest night in the fashion industry for the year: the Met Gala. Each year, the event is held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City to honor a specific exhibit. This year’s exhibit, “Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion,” was all about bringing life back into historical pieces. This theme was also connected to the beauty and whimsy of the fable “Sleeping Beauty.” However, the exhibit isn’t the dress code. The dress code for this event, “Garden of Time,” is based on a short story by J.G Ballard. As vice president of the THS Fashion Club, I think it is only fitting that I give a review of the night from the highs, the lows, and everything in between. Here are a few of my hot takes on the fits that walked the green carpet last Monday:


Barry Keoghan: 

I hate to start this off on a negative note, but I don’t really know what Barry was going for. To me, he looks like he’s in the Broadway musical Hamilton and is just wrapped in velvet. Maybe Sabrina Carpenter sees the vision, but I don’t. So Barry Keoghan, go back to the room where it happened–you still have a few more Federalist papers to finish. 



When has Zendaya ever let us down? Never. The blue and green were different compared to the pastels and florals everyone was going for. Not to mention, her makeup looked fantastic. After the release of Challengers, Zendaya is definitely on a hot streak. 


Doja Cat: 

This was a major letdown. Doja Cat has always been a star at the Met Gala, like last year when she dressed as Karl Lagerfeld’s cat Choupette. A towel as a dress not only doesn’t connect to the theme but looks lazy. Come on, Doja, I could’ve worn that exact outfit for half the price. My expectations were too high, and I expected more from her. 


Cardi B: 

The Tenafly celebrity herself truly made a scene. Her gown took up the entire carpet, and honestly, I am here for. I think Cardi B looked stunning, and the pops of green with the jewelry and nails really tied everything together. But Cardi, please don’t go on your phone on live television next time; you are at the Met Gala. Besides that, Cardi makes me proud to be a Tenafly resident. 


Kendall Jenner: 

I get why she is such a famous supermodel after this. The Givenchy look fit her perfectly, and she looked so sleek. However, I don’t really see the connection between her dress and the theme of the night, so that deducts a few points. Nonetheless, Kendall Jenner does know how to dress. 


Kieran Culkin: 

It’s bright, it’s fun, it’s spunky–it’s Kieran Culkin. This suit emanates his wacky personality, and I think he did a good job with the theme. The colors are garden-esque and even the necklace was a nice touch. I think his character Roman in Succession would have a much different opinion than mine, but I am happy with Kieran Culkin’s fashion decisions. 


Taylor Russel: 

She blew me away. The wooden bodice with the draped white skirt is simple, but on theme. From being the star in the film Bones and All, I would say she ate (if you know, you know). 


Sydney Sweeney: 

Sydney was a major shock at the Met Gala. I did not expect to see her walk out with a black bob. I can’t decide if I love it or hate it. I want to love it so bad, but all I see is Edna Mode from The Incredibles. The dress itself was very whimsical and on theme, so I’ll give Sydney Sweeney a solid 7/10. 


Kim Kardashian: 

I have one question for Kim: Can you breathe? When she walked onto the carpet, all I saw was her 12-inch waist, and I was transported back to the Victorian era. In an interview on the Met, Kim said she wanted to look like she threw on her boyfriend’s cardigan. I guess the idea was there, but I just want more from someone with such high status. But at the end of the day, it’s Kim Kardashian, so she will always look good. 


Michael Shannon: 

Men never impress me at the Met, but this left me with no comment. The chip bag says it all. 



This was my favorite outfit of the night. A dress made of sand? Ingenious. This is the perfect complement to her top hit “Water,” as the sand hits the shore. Her figure, her makeup, and the sand upon her shoulders were all stunning. I was truly blown away. The hourglass bag was the best accessory, and I gave a big round of applause to Balmain. 


I could go on and on for hours going through each celebrity’s outfit, but just like the gala, this article must end at some point. I haven’t made up my mind yet about whether this theme beats those of the past, but I really appreciate the art behind each piece. The Met Gala fuels human creativity and shows how fashion has no limits. With the 2024 Met Gala, myself and thousands of other fanatics eagerly wait until we find out what next year has to offer.. 


Click here to view the outfits of the night.

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