One Acts: Productions Directed & Performed by your Peers!

Stop by and see short productions written, directed, and performed by students at this school on January 25th or January 26th @ 7:00 p.m. to kick off the end of the semester!


Melina Lotito, Staff Writer

Attention all residents of Tenafly! This is not a drill! Stop whatever Netflix original series you’re watching and come down to the school’s annual production of One Acts! I repeat, this is not a drill! Running from Thursday, January 25th to Friday, January 26th, don’t miss your chance to watch student productions come to life on stage of the Collins & Tall Auditorium. Admission is $10 for all ages at the door.

One Acts has been an ongoing tradition in the school for many years, and has been attracting people with all different interests. “I really like the type of people One Acts attracts,” said Anne Rafferty (’20). “Not only does it bring returning theater people to the stage, but it also brings people like me who have no other acting experience to break out of my comfort zone and have a good time.” One Acts is an opportunity for students to become theatrically involved in this school without making a huge commitment.

“One Acts is really fun, because it takes people from all different grades and makes them work together to make the audience laugh,” said Anya Kasubai (’20). “The directors are all so amazing and so are the scripts. I really think this year is going to make people cry out of laughter!”

One Acts is a great opportunity to try your hand at acting and to meet new people. It’s a great experience and you don’t even have to be a theater person to enjoy it.

— Anne Rafferty (20')

If you are interested in directing a One Act, then you must be in a One Act play for at least two years. One Acts is different from our school’s musicals or plays, in that it attracts people inside and out of the performing arts circle. Students who find themselves already bombarded by school, sports, and clubs, yet wish to dip their feet into the pool of performing should consider auditioning for One Acts in the future. “One Acts is a great opportunity to try your hand at acting and to meet new people,” said Rafferty. “It’s a great experience and you don’t even have to be a theater person to enjoy it.” This is Rafferty’s second year doing One Acts. Last year she took on the rigorous role of Protestor Number 7 in Hell No! and hopes to do One Acts in the years to come. This year she is Woman Number 1 in The Bellied Dancers, co-directed by Jasmine Hedvat (’18) and Tamar Vidra (’18). The Bellied Dancers is about a group of pregnant women who have been left by their spouses and decide to join a dance group run by Marty, who is a serious dance coach who was recently in the news for a scandal having to do with impoverished children and ripped pants.

If you want to find out more about The Bellied Dancers and see other plays directed by students, then come out and watch your fellow classmates perform in one-act dramas that are sure to entertain.