A Night of Lavish Looks: The Senior Tux Show


Serenity Cray, Staff Writer

Do you want to strut down a runway when you’re a senior? Do want to get dressed up with the rest of your senior class? Do you want to perform an act in front of all your friends and family? 

If yes, then the Tux Show just might be the event to sign up for during your senior year. The Tux Show is an annual performance starring the seniors of the graduating class. Each senior dresses up in a cocktail attire and walks across the stage to celebrate his or her final moments of high school. As each couple walks down the runway a series of hosts roll out roasts for each of the students. Each joke the hosts make leave the audience doubled over with laughter and a giggle from each senior. The show also comes with various music and talent acts performed by students of the senior class.

Addison Abramowitz (’18) asking Alaina Wiecek (’18) to prom on stage at the Senior Tux Show

This year, three courageous students performed duets, songs, and even a magic trick for the audience. Samantha Kurtz (’18) performed “Stone Cold” by Demi Lovato, Sophia Girault (’18) performed “If I Ain’t Got You” by Alicia Keys, and Noah Golan (’18) and Andy Chang (’18) performed a duet of “Gravity” by John Mayer. Just as the stage heated up with senior class talent, Jacob Feit (’18) wowed the audience with his famous magic card trick. This year there was even a surprise promposal that occurred on stage. It was a truly magical moment when Addison Abramowitz (’18) promposed to Alaina Wiecek (’18) in front of all their friends and family on and off the stage.

 The annual Tux Show is an event at the school that allows seniors to shine on stage for one last moment. The show is a great way to show off your best attire and have a night of fun with all your closest friends. Tux Show is run by the senior class officers with the help of the class advisor, Mr. Matthew Mirabito. “I think it is great for the seniors to have that brief moment to show their character on stage. It is also really nice for parents to see their kids dressed up because it showcases them in a formal setting and shows how they have grown up through high school,” said Mirabito, when asked about the importance of the Tux Show. The senior show is a favorite event for many parents and students. The show is an amusing night full of lavish looks and laughs.

Matthew Grayson (’18) and Fina Bertolotti (’18) walking in the 2018 Senior Tux Show

There is so much preparation and work that goes into making the show come together each year. The hosts have to prepare their scripts, the students have to practice their walks, and the Tech Crew has to make sure everything runs smoothly backstage. For many seniors, the Tux Show is some of their first times walking across the school stage, so many of them are filled with nerves before they make their big debut. “I was nervous because I thought I might fall! But once I was onstage, virtually all the thoughts of being scared were gone and I was able to enjoy my time,” said Susan Wie (’18), when asked about pre-show jitters.

Noa Golan (’18) performed a duet with Andy Chang (’18)

The Tux Show is a night in which seniors can have fun and show off their strut before taking their final walk across the graduation stage. “I highly encourage all upcoming seniors to participate in the Tux Show because it’s truly so much fun and it’s a great way to bond with your grade,” said Wie. If you want to dress up and stroll down a runway with your fellow classmates, then Tux Show is the event for you!