No Support For Real Victims: This Is America


Tomi Lahren

Sophia Dongaris, Staff Writer

President Trump is known for his idiotic remarks on Twitter and his carelessness regarding what’s really going on in our country. With all the events occurring of late—school shootings, shootings in restaurants, and bombings—our President sent his condolences to a woman who got a glass of water poured on her. Yes, that’s right. Water poured on her. This. Is. America.

On Wednesday, May 23rd, Fox News anchor Tomi Lahren was heckled in a diner and then had a glass of water poured on her. President Trump rushed to her rescue with condolences for what happened. Last month, a shooting at a Waffle House Restaurant happened in Nashville, Tennessee. It took our president 22 days to acknowledge James Shaw, a true hero, for stopping the Waffle House shooter. This must be a joke.

Lahren was an avid Trump supporter. So, of course, our president jumped at the chance to acknowledge her. Trump’s tweet in support of Lahren came out just days after the incident. However, as many people pointed out on Twitter, he never sent a tweet in support of James Shaw. One is a HERO; the other is a ZERO. In addition to Shaw, Trump also never tweeted about Stephon Clark, or Rashon Nelson and Donte Robinson, the men who got thrown out of the Starbucks.

Now, taking these people into consideration, whom do you think deserved recognition? These victims of racism and a true hero? Or an avid Trump supporter who only had a glass of water spilled on her? Living in the US, I’m aware that racism remains a hot-ticket issue. But it’s come to the point where our own president has started ignoring people who really need recognition just because of their skin color.

I’m not saying that Lahren overreacted. In response to Trump’s tweet, she said on the show Fox With Friends, “I’m tough. My family is tough. We can handle it.” What I’m saying is that I find it beyond ridiculous how our president acknowledged someone who just got water poured on her when there are real victims that this country should be aware of.