Horoscopes for the Week of September 17th

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Horoscopes for the Week of September 17th

Cindy Flores and Michelle Martinez

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It’s Virgo season! This week Virgos should expect extreme creativity and passion. The full moon last week in your sign has inspired you to take initiative and tap into your existential power. This upcoming week, you should focus on family and yourself. Observe and take into account your harmonic power.


This week Tauruses should expect to find that all their goals and ambitions will feel secure and right. You will not feel any insecurity in regards to your future, and you will know that your goals are feasible and realistic. You might find that many opportunities will present themselves, and your future will seem more within reach than ever.


This week Capricorns should expect to be pushed out of their comfort zones. This can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. You will feel inspired and motivated to achieve your goals, and you will find that your close friends and loved ones will be more willing than ever to help you. Your passions are close to being realized, so get excited!



Aries, control your power! This week is all about tapping into the inner fire in you. Most importantly, strengthen the bonds you have with people this week. The energy around you might feel cloudy and distracting but take into account your personal feelings and realize that not everyone is conspiring against you!


This week, Sagittariuses will find that reaching out to people will be more necessary than ever. Opportunities will not come easily, so it is important to strive for them. However, you can expect to feel eager and motivated to go through any means to achieve your ends. Act on the courage that you will feel this week!


This week, your family’s affairs are in a great place, and it is a great time to enjoy your familial relationships and revel in the bonds that you have made over the years. Not only that, your relationships with other people will bloom, and you should focus your energy on clearing any issues that you may have had in the past. Your lifestyle and relationships will be undergoing changes for the better.



Gemini, this week, focus more on your academic goals and career. Virgo being in season is making you feel more observant and driven. Broaden your horizons and reach out to the people closest to you. Make sure to maintain a healthy balance between school and your relationships.


This week, have trust in your skills and previous accomplishments and use this confidence to display your talents and embark on new challenges. Listen to your instincts when making decisions, and they will prove to be rightly reliable. Relish in your success, as this is a good time to treat yourself.


Aquarius, this week listen to your intuitive mind. Don’t worry about what others think of you, be confident in yourself and your work but allow people to the lead the discussion this week. Seize the opportunities this week to take the back seat on things and focus on your yourself. Be open and reach out to the people around you in order to truly take the reins.



This week is a good time to get your affairs in order. If you have felt that you have been falling behind in work or financial problems, the alignment of the planets this week will allow you to correct any detrimental habits. Pay attention to the relationships that are unhelpful in these matters, and use your energy to move forward in a more positive direction


This week is a good time to pay attention to the root of any problems you may have been having and finally resolve issues that have been bugging you for weeks or even months. Your friendships and family will be helpful in this matter, and new people could be helpful too, so be sure to remain open and friendly!


Scorpio, this week, explore your options. The people around you will be asking for your advice and reaching out to you. Your words make a difference to the people around you. Take into account what other people tell you and understand their perspective and grow from it.

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