Same Girls, New Coach


Sophia Dongaris, Sports Editor

It’s fall season and you know what that means; it’s prime time for soccer. The girls’ soccer program is back, better, and NEW. With a new coach, Brielle Heitman, the girls’ varsity team is dominating so far with a strong winning streak. After a winning overtime goal by Olivia Pizzurro (’20) during Saturday’s game against River Dell, the girls have never been more hyped up. With their game on Monday the 17th against Dwight Morrow, there was quite a crowd, and the girls couldn’t have been more pumped. “We’re really excited for our game tonight against Dwight Morrow. Coach Heitman is awesome, and we’ve all been working really hard in and out of practice so we’re hoping our games show it!” said Yulie Dar (‘19).

Fiona McDermut (’19) explained what it’s like working with the new coach: “As far as Coach Heitman goes, I’d say working with a D1 athlete is definitely a challenge, but after just a few weeks the whole team has already improved tremendously, and the coach really knows what she’s doing.” With constant fitness workouts as part of the training regimen, the girls have never been more exhausted, but on the other hand, they’ve never been as successful. After their 7-0 win against Dwight Morrow, they’re excited to see what’s to come. Heitman makes sure the girls know what they’re doing 100% of the time and that they’re doing it right. “Keeping up with our ball skills and how to work as a team are some of her top priorities,” Alexa Weiss (’20) explained. The girls have only been training since the middle of August, which isn’t much time to focus on teamwork, but so far the girls are as close as sisters and can predict each others’ moves.

Emily Arams (’19) explained that even if the girls think they’re already the best, Coach Heitman wants them to be even better than the best. So that’s what pushes the girls: to be better than their best. The girls are confident about dominating this season and will do anything to win. Even if that means endless fitness workouts. Their last game on Saturday the 22nd was quite exciting. They played against Mahwah, and it was definitely an edge of the seat kind of game. The girls went to a double overtime when both teams had scored 2-2. In the end, they ended the game with a tie. The girls were also glad to see they had some supporters in the crowd, too. They are hoping for more successes throughout the rest of the season. So go out and support your fellow Tigers!