Battle of the Bergen Bagels

Bagels. There are so many different kinds, like the classic plain bagel with cream cheese, the healthy avocado bagel, the everything bagel, or Cynthia Nixon’s infamous cinnamon raisin bagel with lox and capers. We decided to explore the local bagel scene and find out what the best northern Bergen County bagel shop is.


First up is Springtree Bagels. The price for an everything bagel with cream cheese is $2.50, and it was normal sized. The texture was fluffy, yet still crispy with a warm and velvety taste. Springtree paid great attention to detail, as the cream-cheese-to-bagel ratio was optimal. Great bagel, great price!

When asked about his favorite bagel shop, Ismail Khassa (’20) said, “Springtree Bagels. I also go to the Bagel Shop, but Springtree is better. I get a bacon, egg, and cheese or an everything bagel with cream cheese.”


Next is Celebrity Bagels. A lox bagel with onions and tomatoes costs $8.25, but we ordered it without tomatoes. The bagel was thick, chewy, and filled with a lot of lox and cream cheese. The doughy bagel, savory lox, and smooth cream cheese balanced well together, making it an overall delicious bagel.

Many Tenafly students had positive things to say about Celebrity Bagels. Chanel Cho (’21) said, “I get my bagels at Toast sometimes, but Celebrity Bagels is better. Sometimes I get a plain bagel with butter or a bacon, egg, and cheese, or raisin bagels.” Jun Jeon (’21) said, “I only eat at Celebrity Bagels and get a poppy seed bagel with plain cream cheese, not toasted, and cut in half.” Daniel Joung (’21) said, “I eat at Celebrity Bagels and get the plain bagel, with only bread because I hate cream cheese.”


Third is Tenafly Hot Bagels, located in downtown Tenafly on Washington Street. I ordered a bagel, toasted, with egg and cheese. The price of the bagel was $4.75, which is standard for most breakfast bagels, especially those without meat. As pictured, the cheese oozed out of the bagel when pulled apart, with little bits of egg peaking out. The ratio of cheese to egg leaned more towards the cheese, but I am glad to know that Tenafly Hot Bagels is not shy with itstheir bagel fillings. The horizontal slice, separating the top of the bagel from the bottom, was a bit uneven, but it did not make biting into the bagel a challenge. Overall, Tenafly Hot Bagels delivered on their promise of making fresh and hot bagels every day. Mack Hancock (’19) described Tenafly Hot Bagels as “the best ’cause a bagel with cream cheese toasted is $2.00, and it’s very appetizing and filling.”


Lastly is Cresskill Bagel Cafe, located in Cresskill on Union Avenue. I ordered a toasted plain bagel with butter. The price of the bagel was $1.86. When you actually bite into this bagel and have a taste, its flavor is just as delicious as its aroma and reviews come out to be, possibly even better. There was the perfect amount of butter; it wasn’t dripping and oozing with butter, yet there was just enough to really enjoy the taste. The perfect amount of butter on two pieces of flat and doughy bread serves as the perfect meal, whether you are looking for a good bagel to eat for breakfast or for lunch. No matter what time of the day it is, it can always satisfy the needs of ravished students.

According to our poll last week, Tenafly students prefer the following bagels:

62% Celebrity Bagels

20% Springtree Bagel

10% THB

6% Cresskill Bagel Café

2% Bagel Nosh

Total: 50 voters