See the Results of the THS Elections


Nicole Shaker, Editor-in-Chief

The Tenafly High School elections have just come to a close, and next year seems to beckon a solid line-up for class officers and S.O.

Here’s who won for the 2019-2020 school year:


President: Aaron Gordon

Vice-President: Ryan Weiss

Secretary: Emma Kim

Treasurer: Emma Ziessler

Senior Student Representative to the Board of Education: Derek Kim

Junior Student Representative to the Board of Education: Kira Baltaytis


Class of 2020

President: Anya Kasubhai

Vice-President: Hunter Neuman

Secretary: Andrew Hau

Treasurer: Jiho Park


Class of 2021

President: Rebecca Parish

Vice-President: Michelle Lee

Secretary: Jacob Friedman

Treasurer: Min Gyu (Frank) Kim


Class of 2022

President: Lucy Harper

Vice-President: Jack Neuman

Secretary: Matthew Ngai

Treasurer: Kenny Uchida

Congratulations to all of the winners. Everyone who ran for a position deserves a commendation for his or her wonderful campaign and speech. S. O. president-elect Aaron Gordon said, “I genuinely thank everyone for voting for me. I’m really excited to continue to serve the school and even more excited to be president.”