Tenafly High School’s Senior Awards Winners for 2019

Congratulations to all recipients.


Tenafly High School’s Senior Awards and Scholarship Night is intended to celebrate the achievements of its students throughout their four years of high school. Following is a list of the awards and winners:


Tenafly Lions Club Scholarship
Recipient: John Thomas “J.T.” Mildenberger

Chief Nicodemous Amicucci Memorial Scholarship
Recipient: Sarah Cardenas

Class of 1962 Memorial Scholarship
Recipient: Hee Jae Jung

Class of 1978 40th Reunion Scholarship
Recipient: David Wang

Class of 1983 Memorial Scholarship
Winner: Jordan Mayo

THS Home School Association – David E. Johnston Memorial Scholarship
Recipient: Kaitlyn Yeh

Henry and Alice Redfield Award
Recipients: Sayaka Kozuki and Christine Lee

Tenafly Rotary Club Scholarship, Jean Wolf Humanitarian
Recipient: John Thomas “J.T” Mildenberger

Tenafly Education Association Scholarship
Recipients: Joyce Chung, Celine Rafferty, and Angela Youn

Thomas J. Elefante Memorial Scholarship
Recipients: John Thomas “J.T.” Mildenberger

Kathryn Anne Lanz Memorial Scholarship
Recipient: Celine Rafferty

Korean Parents Association Scholarship
Recipients: Joyce Chung and Yebeen Kim

Tenafly PBA #376 Memorial Scholarship
Recipients: Christine Lee, John Thomas “J.T.” Mildenberger

Tenafly Educational Foundation Karen Sperling Greene Memorial Scholarship for Volunteerism
Recipient: John Thomas “J.T” Mildenberger

Tenafly Administrators and Supervisors Association Scholarship
Recipient: Christine Lee

The Tenafly Fire Association Scholarship
John “Mack” Hancock

Bergen County Directors of Guidance Scholarship
Recipient: Joseph Castaldo

Dr. Eugenia Pfeiffer Humanitarian Award
Recipients: Jade Greer, John Thomas “J.T” Mildenberger, and Angela Youn

United States Armed Forces

Scholastic Excellence Award
Recipient: Abigail Pomeranz

“Semper Fidelis” Award for Musical Excellence
Recipient: Janny B. Hong

Distinguished Athlete Award
Recipient: Alexios Avrassoglou

U.S. Army Reserve National Scholar/Athletic Award
Recipients: Isaac Berman and Maya Harel

Departmental Awards

The Creative Writing Award
Recipients: Adi Gal, Celine Rafferty and Dan Rudiak

Literary Scholar Award
Recipients: Eva Buergler, Aidan Kluger and Priyanka Sinha

Publications Awards
Omega Award
Recipient: Adi Gal

Tenakin Award
Recipient: Kiyeon Chae

Echo Award

Recipient: Evan Hecht

English Language Learners Award
Recipient: Sayaka Kozuki



Supervisor’s Award
Recipient: Alexios Avrassoglou

Social Studies Department Award
Recipient: Adi Gal

Lewis Brown Memorial Book Award
Recipient: Joyce Chung


Math Department Award
Recipient: Matt Dreyer

Math Team Senior Award
Recipient: David Wang


The Science Department Award
Recipients: Ryan Horowitz and Angela Youn

Society of Women Engineers
Recipient: Yihan Huang


Outstanding Achievement Senior French Student
Recipient: Hilary Kim

Outstanding Achievement Senior Spanish Student
Recipient: Joyce Chung

Outstanding Achievement Senior Italian Student
Recipient: Emma Fuentecilla

Outstanding Achievement Senior Chinese Student
Recipient: Chloe Altschul

Gert Hoppe Memorial Scholarship
Recipient: Michelle Schipilliti


THS Music Department Award for Excellence
Recipients: Momoko Uchida

Madrigal Dinner Scholarship
Recipients: Susannah Abrams and Bradley Moyer

Jon-Erik Hexum Memorial Scholarship
Recipient: Gili Zaifman


Art Department Award
Recipient: Emma Fuentecilla

Art and Design Award
Recipient: Euijun (Daniel) Um

Computer Art Award
Recipient: Adi Gal and Sapir Levinhar Be

Practical Arts
Outstanding Student in Family and Consumer Studies Award
Recipient: Bailey Kaplan

Business Department Award
Recipient: Arya Bhansali


Tech Crew Awards
Recipients: Serenity Cray, William Hawkins, Camille Lederer, Rachel Nazar, and Rachel Wetstein

Theater Club Award
Recipients: Dené Chung, Rachel Nazar, Alika Saxena, and Gili Zaifman

Telecommunication and Multimedia Club (THS-TV)
Recipients: Katherine Flynn, Adam Harel, Rachel Paskowitz, and Eren Sevintuna

Technology Education Senior Award
Recipients: Emily Matteson and Hojoon Kim

Athletic Department

NJSIAA Scholar Athlete Awards
Recipient: Jonathan Angbazo

BCCA Multi-Sport Award
Recipient: Alexios Avrassoglou and William Hawkins

BCWCA Multi-Sport Award
Recipient: Hilary Kim

Bergen County Women Coaches’ Association Scholarship
Recipient: Jordan Mayo

Big North Conference Scholar Athlete
Recipients: Zachary Williams and Dejana Sujak

Elton Lorimer Williams Memorial Scholarship
Recipient: Patrick DeSalvo

Tiger Pride Award
Recipients: Austin Dome, Jordan Naidus, Brittany Amtman, and Brianna Paluskiewicz

HS Boys Soccer Alumni Scholarship
Recipient: Byung Cheol (John) Koh

Joe Glaser Memorial Scholarship
Recipient: Isaac Berman

School Service

EMT Awards
Recipients: Jonathan Abad, Sharon Avtalion, Christopher Kang, Daniel Lee, Michelle Schipillitti, and Elizabeth Yuzary

The Class Advisor’s Award
Recipient: Celine Rafferty

The Distinguished Senior Award
Recipient: Evan Hecht

The Dr. Kontogiannis TIGER Award
Recipients: Alessandra Bontia and Alexios Avrassoglou

The Principal’s Award

The Principal’s Award
Presenter: James O. Morrison, Principal
Recipient: Abigail Pomeranz

Congratulations to all award recipients. We can’t wait to see their future achievements.