Calling Timothée Chalamet by His Name: A Superstar


Nicole Shaker and Ariana Bondi

Timothée Chalamet’s young yet prospering career has just taken off with the release of Call Me by Your Name, a coming-of-age love story directed by Luca Guadagnino. His youth and charm contribute to his fan base, which has grown dramatically in the recent months. He is now a well-known and respected actor, despite him only starring in three recognized major motion pictures, including Interstellar and Ladybird. Fans adore his poetic acting style; he has even been compared to a young Leonardo DiCaprio.

Although Chalamet has been acting in films since 2012, his Academy Award nomination for his portrayal of the tortured Elio in Call Me by Your Name has propelled him to the A List. Hailey Ryan (‘18), a recent viewer of Call Me by Your Name, deems him worthy of this recent recognition. “I love how despite all of Chalamet’s sudden fame, he is still himself. The fame hasn’t gotten to him, which I find very refreshing.” 

Call Me by Your Name

Besides earning him an Academy nod, making him the youngest Oscar nominee for Best Actor since 1939, Chalamet’s performance in the film has been widely acclaimed by fans and critics alike. Ryan said, “I think that he wasn’t over-acting. He was really able to connect with his character and create a vision to see into the mind of his character, and almost create a poem with his facial expressions and words.” Despite his age, his maturity level as an actor puts him on a pedestal with seasoned performers. Ryan continued to say, “He is a mixture of  Leonardo DiCaprio—because of his persona with society and how girls are obsessing over him—and Robert Downey Jr.”


Other than his massive breakout film, Chalamet also took on a small role in Ladybird. “I saw him in Ladybird,” Ryan said. “He had a smaller role, but it was very moving and his role really stuck with me.” He gives all his roles 110%, despite some being small; this shows how professional and skilled of an actor he is already. Serenity Cray (‘19) said, “He is very ambitious and he has a lot going for him at a young age in the acting world.”

Other than his acting chops, what makes Chalamet irresistible to fans is his undeniable charm and good looks, buttressed by the fact that he is only 22. Ryan said, “I think he is talented, intelligent, and sexy. What I find impressive is that he is so young but he acts like he has been in the business for so long. Every line in Call Me by Your Name was so well-crafted—he had so much control as a character but also allowed himself to lose control.” With acting skills like these and a jawline for days, no wonder he has been compared to a young Leonardo DiCaprio. Cray continued to say, “I think he is so hot. His acting is great and the fact that he was able to learn Italian in a couple months, I think he is great for a newcomer and has lots of talent. As he grows, he will be able to take on more sophisticated roles.”

I think he is talented, intelligent, and sexy…

— Hailey Ryan

Cray predicted correctly, as last spring, Chalamet filmed the up-and-coming Beautiful Boy, a father’s journey through his son’s addiction. He plays the role of Nic, the son, and will star alongside the likes of Steve Carell and Jack Dylan Grazer, the latter of whom became a prominent young actor after his main role in It. Chalamet is also going to be starring as an awkward teenage drug dealer in the up-and-coming summer movie, Hot Summer Nights.

Chalamet’s name blew up out of nowhere, and now it’s hard to avoid. Nobody’s complaining, though, and it will be interesting to see what the thriving young actor does in the coming years. Maybe he will end up being the next Leonardo DiCaprio. Maybe Call Me be Your Name was his Titanic. One thing is for sure:  Chalamet is following the direct route to success and stardom.