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Discover the Fast, Fine Delights of Wonder


It’s a nice, sunny day outside in Cresskill, and you are walking around the town. Suddenly, an amazing smell captivates your senses, and now you are wondering what that amazing smell is. Well, that intriguing aroma comes from the brand-new restaurant, called Wonder,  which is only a five-minute drive from school.

Wonder, founded by Marc Lore in 2018, is headquartered in New York City. It first opened there the COVID-19 pandemic but has expanded to other locations scattered around New Jersey and New York. Franchises are located in several counties of New Jersey, including Hoboken, Westfield, Midland Park as well as in boroughs of New York City, including Manhattan’s Upper West Side and Chelsea, and downtown Brooklyn.

Dishes at Wonder.

Wonder features 21 different types of menus that top U.S. chefs and restaurants crafted. These chefs include James Beard Award winners, Michelin Star recipients, Food Network stars, and famous restaurateurs. “All the menus from a slew of different chefs and restaurants are available under one roof and can be both delivered and ordered together,” Jersey Digs reported. These menus offer many different types of foods, including Bobby Flay Steak, Mexican, Indian, Greek, Poke Bowls, Spanish, Middle Eastern, and many other mouth-watering options from almost any different type of culture of food. “Wonder’s concept allows the food hall to partner with some of the best chefs and restaurants in the country to recreate signature menu items from renowned restaurants,” The Hoboken Girl reported. 

The interior of Wonder in Cresskill gives off a cozy feel and makes diners feel as if they are at home rather than at a fast food restaurant. The inside, according to The Hoboken Girl, is “modern and clean,” with an “open space featuring Wonder’s signature hunter green color throughout, herringbone wood floors, and easy-to-use tablets [for ordering food].” 

Students are saying similar things about the Cresskill location. “The inside of the restaurant has a very clean feel, unlike most fast-food type of restaurants,” Sophia dos Santos (’25) said.

Interior of Wonder.

The company calls itself “fast fine” food delivery because its food is prepared quickly, in less than 35 minutes, but it is also made fresh, then and there. 

“It took about ten minutes or so for my food to be prepared, and I was pretty impressed with how fast it was made,” dos Santos said.

Wonder offers delivery services and pick up. There is also an app and website that you can order your food from. This website makes it very easy to track exactly when your order will be ready.

Students are saying that Wonder is a good new addition to the community, as it offers many different types of foods but in one place. 

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