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Teens Affected from Hamas’s Terroristic Attack


As you might have heard, a war began in Israel on Saturday, October 7 at 6:30 a.m. by a terrorist organization by the name of Hamas. This attack led to the deaths of more than 1,400 Israeli civilians and soldiers, including more than forty babies being burnt and beheaded, as well as more than two-hundred hostages being taken to Gaza. This war is now being called the 9/11 of Israel due to its large number of deaths in one attack. A large number of these people are children and teens who have been slaughtered or kidnapped, and many have witnessed bombs and deaths in front of their eyes. Innocent people have gone through tremendous loss because of the deaths of their families and friends. This event has not only affected Israel but also the rest of the world.

The Israeli civilians are the ones that have been affected the most from this sudden attack. They have seen and witnessed horrible things that might traumatize them for life. Some children are not allowed to leave their houses due to fear of a siren or terrorists surrounding the area with mass-murder weapons. Schools have been closing from the danger of gathering together, while others have closed due to fear and property damage. This often forces students to do online school, leading to less focused and productive learning.

In Israel, most parents work away from home, and while that might seem normal because they come home at the end of the day, some do not. Some adults get called in for work at dangerous places and times. “There were a few bombs in Tel Aviv, and my mom heard a lot of sirens. She works in Tel Aviv, and so does my dad. They were called into work,” Ella Bouchriss (’27) said. Such uncertainty can cause serious anxiety for teenagers.

Due to the rockets that have been striking Israel, many buildings and homes were destroyed. It has only been two weeks since the war began, but according to Stand With Us, there have been over 60,000 Israelis removed from their homes for various reasons. Some Hamas terrorists barge into people’s homes and kill, attack, and kidnap the people inside. If they don’t find the people, they burn the house down. In addition, there have been shootings happening in the middle of the streets, which makes it dangerous to walk around.

Seeing their country in this bad state causes teenagers and others to feel different kinds of negative emotions. Some may feel scared, confused, angry, or surprised. A lot might not know what to do. Some may never get back to their normal lives. 

Wars affect people from all around the world, not just the people inside the conflicting countries. Nowadays, because of social media, teenagers from all around the world have been seeing pictures and videos about what has been happening in Israel. Although this does help with spreading awareness, it could have negative effects on the kids viewing them. In addition, many people’s families live in Israel and have to witness all of the horrible things happening to them from afar. 

All people react differently to these kinds of things, and some are affected more than others. The emotions are usually similar to those of people in Israel. The war has been a significant shock for most people, and they might not know how to react to it. “It was very out of the blue, very shocking, very heart breaking,” Lian Doron (’28) said. It may be difficult for teenagers to grasp all of the information about what’s happening, especially as they feel a loss of control or sense of helplessness in their daily lives. 

This affect people both emotionally and physically. The conflicts and tensions around the world are making Jews question whether they should perform simple practices they do on a daily basis such as wearing a kippah, placing tefillin, or praying. This is because the war puts Jews and Israelis who live in places other than Israel in danger. Many have been fearing their safety, as many Jews all around the world have been attacked and killed. 

IAC (Israeli-American Council) Eitanim organization helps by packing bags full of things for teenagers in Israel. (Talia Attar)

It’s important to keep the youth safe during these undesirable times. Teenagers should try to limit their time on social media to minimize the amount of graphic videos and pictures they might see. If they feel comfortable, they should also talk to an adult or a friend they trust with their feelings to let out the emotions they are feeling. It’s important to create a supportive community for them to feel comfortable and safe. 

Teens in America have been helping by spreading awareness about what is happening and joining organizations that help fund or send packages to Israel for the soldiers or civilians affected by the war. “We just packed and helped send care packages to kids in Israel to help them out through these tough times,” Yuval Yochai (’27) said. There are many organizations that have been funding and donating supplies, such as the IAC (Israeli-American Council), which has numerous additional programs that help. Many are encouraged to join these organizations and spread awareness about what is happening to help others in any way they can.

 “I’ve just been telling my friends to come and see that this is a real thing. It’s not a joke. And it can seriously last a really long time,” Doron said. 

It’s important to acknowledge and bring awareness to war occurring now, as its effects are both serious and harmful. People are dying and suffering, and just standing by won’t help with anything. Make sure to be there for people that need support and a safe space. Joining an organization, donating money or supplies needed, and sending warm messages are all things that can help those suffering in Israel. Everybody has to remember to stay strong and united.

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